Tech21 takes on the CES drop challenge!

Did you catch tech21 participating in the EPIC drop test on the CNET stage at CES earlier this week? Live, in front of thousands of people, our ultra-slim Evo Check survived the first drop from 10ft with no harm done to the iPhone X.

Qualified to move onto the next round, the same iPhone was then dropped from a whopping 16ft. Thanks to the Evo Check, it survived undamaged.

Evo Check for iPhone X

In fact, the Evo Check was the only slim case without built-in screen protector that made it to the final round—a 20ft drop.

Other major phone case companies, including some of the biggest selling brands, declined the opportunity to participate in this test. We guess they don’t have the same confidence in their products as we do with ours!

Watch the drop test here:

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